EYESIS design develop websites from our base in Auckland, New Zealand. Check out some of the websites we've created:

Screenshot of the Northcote Toy Library website.

A small not-for-profit organisation needed us to give their existing website a bit of a facelift, to improve maintainability and provide a platform for new features in the future. The resulting site now scales well on any device, and includes new features like a feed from the Toy Library's Facebook page.


Screenshot of the HeadworX Publishers website.

One of our oldest websites has recently undergone a makeover. We developed it for an independent New Zealand publisher who often tells us about the positive feedback he gets about his site.


Screenshot of the The Bing Turkby Ensemble website.

We've managed musician Bing Turkby's website since the '90s. The latest incarnation of the site's a Single Page App 'cause that's all the rage at the moment. It features a live feed from Bing's blog on Blogspot. Bing is able to manage the site content himself.


Screenshot of the Taranaki Tutors website.

Taranaki Tutors provide after school tuition. The new owner of the business asked EYESIS to update their existing website, and give her the ability to maintain it herself in the future. We rewrote it using the Umbraco content management system, and had the new site live within a fortnight.


Screenshot of the Hana Studio website.

A long-term client has combined two of her businesses, and asked us to merge the websites we’d developed for them. With the help of a simple step-by-step guide we prepared, she is able to maintain the website's photos, FAQs, list of services and prices, and other content herself. Paula tells us she's had many compliments on the websites we have developed for her, and they've brought her new business.


Screenshot of the Mark Pirie website.

Mark is a well-known New Zealand poet, writer and publisher who wanted a website to showcase his extensive body of work. The site had close to a hundred pages when it went live, and is growing all the time. He needed to be able to add books, poems, articles, photos and blog posts to the site himself, so we implemented it using the popular Umbraco content management system.